Monday, 20 August 2007

Eight facts

Been tagged by Jean Kazez - you're supposed to list eight random things about yourself and then tag eight more people. I'll play along with the eight things about me - but I think I'll avoid tagging anyone else, the sort of people I'd choose are even grumpier than me and unlikely to take blogging chain letters well I reckon (you know who you are Matt):
  1. I was brought up a Christian and stayed more-or-less theist until I was 18

  2. I like real ale

  3. My favourite musician is David Bowie

  4. My eyesight is atrocious (myopia of the order of -10, not even counting the astigmatism)

  5. I can't sing for toffee

  6. I suck at bar sports (pool, snooker, darts etc.)

  7. I prefer non-fiction books to fiction, but the last fiction I read was Koestler's Darkness at Noon (very good)

  8. In hot weather I burn in about 5mins in the shade!

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