Friday, 11 February 2011

No cuts in frontline services - whiteboards to take up the slack

We're constantly told by the government that its squeeze on public finances will not affect frontline services in the NHS. We all know this is nonsense. I was at a meeting today where we saw what the cuts, sorry, efficiency savings, actually mean for our trust.

They have abolished several consultant psychiatrist and junior doctor posts and a great tranche of CPNs, social workers, support workers, and secretarial staff. But fear not, because this will not affect frontline service delivery. How? We all asked. By 'working smarter' we were told by the newly employed 'Team Building Manager', 'Productive Community Champion', and 'Performance Advocate'.

And what, specifically, does this 'working smarter' entail? We all asked again, because we weren't sure where the extra hours in the day were going to come from to see the same number of patients. And the answer we got was fiendish in its ingenuity. We're going to have a big whiteboard in the reception area of our CMHT community bases. Truly the NHS is safe in their hands.

The Future of the NHS

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Schizophrenia in the Guardian

A rather nice little piece on a man with schizophrenia and his father who have written a book about the experience:
"To Patrick Cockburn, it's an illness that has eaten away at his oldest child. To Henry, it has been a revelation. Father and son tell Amanda Mitchison how schizophrenia has changed them both"