Monday, 19 November 2007

Abortion rights in Scotland under threat

From the F Word blog:

"The Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond announced recently that, if he could secure cross-party support for it, a Commission would be set up in Scotland to look into making abortion a devolved issue with a view to decreasing the time limits on abortion.

"Cue the setting up of a new pressure group – Women’s Abortion Rights Scotland – a protest outside the Parliament, two motions tabled by MSPs defending a woman’s right to an abortion, articles in the Scottish media about abortion that, for the first time in what seems like forever, presented the pro-choice side of the argument and not one, but two motions passed at STUC Women’s Congress supporting overwhelmingly a woman’s right to an abortion and condemning the Dunblane comments by O’Brien."


Political Scientist said...

More bizarreness from the Scottish Nationalists.

What's Salmond going to do – rebuild Hadrian’s wall? Will pregnant women have to cross at Checkpoint Calvin, where there will be compulsory pregnancy tests and ultrasound scans? Presumably, women will have to be “confined” to Scotland itself, or be required to produce a Miscarriage Certificate to re-enter the country without being tried for murder.

Perhaps Rebecca Gomperts needs to set sail for Aberdeen.

pj said...

Well it seems to work for the Irish. In the Republic it is actually illegal to travel abroad for the purposes of an abortion (although that looks like it may now have to change). But in practice it is usually only an issue for poor women.

gimpy said...

Ach, Salmond's just trying to find as many issues as possible to drive a wedge between Scotland and Westminster. He knows it infuriates Brown, Darling, et al and he hopes they'll crack. Abortion is just his latest target. As for Cardinal O'Brien, he is more liberal in person than his public pronouncements would imply. The Vatican are likely putting pressure on him to be seen to be doing something.

Anonymous said...

Let me take this time to condemn political scientist's remarks. When did he say anything about rebuilding "Hadrian's wall?" One example will do. You could also exercise more discrimination in your reading.

Anonymous said...

Foetus images ruled out of abortion debate

"Highly detailed ultrasound images which show foetuses "walking", smiling, yawning and rubbing their eyes in the womb do not have a scientific bearing on the debate over abortion, according to the government's response to a report from a committee of MPs."

Hmmm... I wonder why. Lets put as many blinds on so we can have a "fair" debate. Lets not even show or speak of anything that might change someones mind.

pj said...

anonymous, I've covered that before, e.g. here, and here.

Even Prof. Campbell (the 4D ultrasound king) admits that they add nothing to the scientific debate. It is also worth noting that they aren't 'smiling' at all.