Friday, 15 January 2010

Dick swinging braggadocio

As I noted last year:

If swine 'flu turns out to kill a lot of people this Autumn then Jenkins should really be forced to confront his words. Of course, it probably won't, further inflating his dick swinging braggadocio, until we finally do get a pandemic viral illness (which we will eventually) - when he'll be clamouring to know why more wasn't done. Ah, the privilege of consequence free comment pieces, the life of a journalist is so easy - you get to feel so important while doing fuck all.
 As I feared the colossal arsehole has taken the fortunate avoidance of a pandemic flu as further proof of his omniscience:

This is why people are ever more sceptical of scientists. Why should they believe what "experts" say when they can be so wrong and with such impunity? Weapons of mass destruction, lethal viruses, nuclear radiation, global warming … why should we believe a word of it? And it is a short step from don't believe to don't care.
Why indeed should anyone pay attention to scientists and doctors when our always right Dr Simon Jenkins is there to keep us informed. What was that about AIDS again Simon?
"Aids has been confined largely to homosexuals and drug abusers, whose activities put them at risk of blood contamination and leave them vulnerable to lethal disease. There are some Aids cases outside the “high-risk” groups, but numbers are tiny: 60 at most in Britain. As far as Britain is concerned, the plague appears to be passing."

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