Tuesday, 15 March 2011

'Doctor' says screw the NHS

Via the Jobbing Doctor, according to this BBC story:
"Dr David Bennett, head of the economic regulator Monitor, has told the BBC he expects to see many more private companies and charities treating NHS patients. If NHS services cannot attract patients they will be allowed to close.

"BMA chairman Hamish Meldrum said the full implications had been poorly understood."
As JD points out, 'Dr' Bennett is not a medical doctor*, he's an ex-McKinsey man, and was formerly Chief Policy Advisor to Tony Blair and head of the Number 10 Strategy Unit. Funny how this is not made clear in the article, yet Hamish Meldrum, GP and BMA chairman doesn't seem to warrant the 'doctor' label.

* I can't find out what his title derives from, e.g. a PhD.

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