Wednesday, 9 January 2008

More blasphemy

Via Black Triangle, various luminaries (including the genius that is Stewart Lee) write to the Telegraph about revoking the UK blasphemy laws:
"In the light of the widespread outrage at the conviction of the British teacher for blasphemy in Sudan over the name of a teddy bear is it not time to repeal our own blasphemy law?The ancient common law of blasphemous libel purports to protect beliefs rather than people or communities. Most religious commentators are of the view that the Almighty does not need the "protection" of such a law...We call on MPs to support the amendment proposed by Evan Harris, Frank Dobson and David Wilshire tomorrow to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill and on the Government - which rightly criticises countries like Sudan for their blasphemy laws - to give it a fair wind."

Stephen Green from Christian Voice replies:
"...the blasphemy law seeks, primarily, to maintain simple respect for Almighty God, Jesus Christ and the Bible...Of course, the law against blasphemy discriminates in favour of Christianity, because historically, culturally and constitutionally, Britain is a Christian country, as Professor Dawkins himself conceded only last month. That being said, the existence of the blasphemy law should engender a proper respect for the sacred and so provide an umbrella of protection for the deeply held religious beliefs of others. As the Bishop of Rochester said at the weekend, we need to affirm the Christian roots of British society. We need to start standing up for Christianity, for God, Jesus Christ and the Bible, before it becomes illegal to do so."

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jdc324 said...

Heard Evan Harris on 5live last night talking about this. Thought he was excellent.