Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Web 2.0

"...this web hype was presentation layer people trying solve system level problems, all the while hiding behind a lot of New Age marketing guff"
Reading Andrew Orlowski review Nick Carr's 'Big Switch' I stumbled upon this:
"Honestly, how fucking embarrassing that some of you are gullible enough to buy into these notions that YouTube, Facebook and MySpace provide the citizenry with
a louder, more vibrant voice. Those of you supporting such ideas should be disgusted with yourselves. You've done little more than embrace another facade. Only this time it's delivered via TCP/IP instead through a pamphlet or phone bank."
Warms the cockles of my misanthropic old heart.

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menefreghismo said...

Intriguing read, thanks for the pointers towards those pieces.

Appositely, the WV starts with omg and is omglwbit.