Monday, 1 October 2007

Atheists bad as gays and Jews

Theo Hobson has a very irritating little piece on Comment is Free. I'd like to share a bit with you:
"The comparison of American atheists to both homosexuals and Jews is very interesting. It is tantamount to crying: "Let's seek influence through posing as a victimised minority!" How Nietzsche would smile at the sight of a man so blatantly trying to foster a sense of resentment."
Now he's right that Dawkins talks about atheists being a minority that is discriminated against in the US - Hobson doesn't seem to have anything to say as to whether this discrimination is a bad thing or not - but I'm not convinced that Dawkins is seeking for others to give influence to atheists because atheists are discriminated against, rather he wants atheists themselves to claim some influence in order to counteract the discrimination they face.

It is a very odd position to hold that comparing your group to Jewish and gay people, who were (and are) discriminated against, because your group is discriminated against, is "tantamount to crying: "Let's seek influence through posing as a victimised minority!"" - and I'm not sure I'd like to think too hard about what these comments might reveal about his attitude to Jewish and gay people.

No mention of the American religious right either, curious omission, maybe he doesn't think they're as bad as those pesky gays and Jews?


gimpyblog said...

Theo Hobson is somewhat of a figure of fun at CiF thanks to his dim witted articles and spectacular lack of self awareness. It's best not to get too worked up about him. It's a waste of effort.

pj said...

Oh I'm well aware of that. But I just couldn't let that one pass.