Saturday, 13 October 2007

Sexualisation of children

Cath Elliott on Comment is Free has a post that nicely articulates the concerns I have with the creeping sexualisation of children that seems to be taking place in the UK. The playboy branded stuff targetted at little girls is just the tip of a disturbing iceburg:
"...Cardiff Council has announced its latest wheeze to encourage family fitness - pole dancing classes for 11 year olds.
And earlier this year Asda was condemned for stocking lacy black underwear aimed at girls as young as nine, although perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised at this move, when their parent company Wal-Mart is busy selling US teens a T-shirt bearing the hilarious slogan "Some call it stalking - I call it love". The clothing store Next also got in on the game with their T-shirt for 5-6 year olds, emblazoned with the immortal line: "So many boys, so little time"."

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