Monday, 1 October 2007

Badscience blogs

The badscience blog feed is up and running at

Here are the blogs it currently aggregates (via coracle):

A big side order of Why…
A canna’ change the laws of physics
Action For Autism
Apathy Sketchpad » Science And Religion
Bad Science
Beyond The Second Law
consider, evaluate, act
Dr Aust's Spleen
Education Watch
Evidence-based everything
extraordinary claims
gimpy's blog
Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science
jdc325's Weblog
Junkfood Science
Left Brain/Right Brain
Letting Off Steam
Modne Bzdury
Mugs and money
Poor Pothecary
Pyjamas in Bananas
Science and Progress
The Broken Hut
the quackometer blog
Thinking Is Dangerous
We sell dreams in a bottle
Wellington Grey
What the hell is this?

That's a lot of blogs - many are well established blogs that have been around for a while, but quite a few have been got up just for the purpose of creating a big badscience blogging community in the last week or so - I'll have to decide whether to stick 'em all in my blog roll, slim the roll down and just include the aggregated feed, or stick to a hybrid model.

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Dr* T said...

Just thought I'd tip you off that the Bad Science blogs conglomerate page is now here